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But first I want to share with you a little bit of student loans reality.

Please spend some time seeing this video. This guy will explain you in great detail when(if it is) a great idea to take a student loan.


After seeing this video. Here are my takeaways:

  • Be honest with yourself about the reason why you are going to college. College purpose is to learn. But if you are going to get your financial freedom then what you are looking is financial freedom. Not college.
  • If you are going to college for status… Don’t go to college for status.
  • If you go to college to learn. Then you need to find what you love. If you do not know you can take a less risky option. See video.
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The next part of the article is about private student loans without cosigner.

You’ll want to put in a lot of thought to be able to fund your college education. Generally, federal student loans such because Stafford and Perkins loans do not cover the entire cost of college tuition. In addition, you need to get a checking account and permanent residency to apply for these kinds of loans.

You may be able to obtain these kinds of loans easily, but if you are a student with no credit or bad credit you may need to opt for a private education loan as well. For this purpose, there are private student loans without cosigner accessible to you.


Stafford or Perkins loans are the only types of loans that do not require a cosigner. However, since it does not cover the complete cost of college, private student loans without cosigner is a possible option. These loans are specially created for students that may not have enough financial support from their parents. Bad credit lenders are the answer for these kinds of loans.

Make sure you do a certain amount of research and find a credible lender that can offer a good interest rate. Although the interest rate can be high, it is easier to qualify for these kinds of loans when you have poor credit. However, you need to decide that the rate is worth the buying price of your education. Nevertheless, once you graduate you’ll be ready to improve your credit record provided you make repayments by the due date. Over a period, you just might get a better rate involving interest.

When it comes to college, federal loans must be your first priority since they feature student loans without cosigner. Together with Stafford and Perkins loans, the US government awards the Pell Grant to students wanting financial aid.

The amount of loan is decided by the government based on several factors including the degree program you are looking for, the school you wish to go to, and the amount your parents are able as a contribution. Federal loans cover the cost of tuition, books, and in several cases, housing, which is awarded for students who want to live on campus.

One of the main drawbacks of so to speak without cosigner is there is a limit on the amount granted as a result of risk factor. Therefore, you need to consider all the possible options if you when you go searching for undergraduate degree programs. For a graduate, there are easier ways to find these kinds of loans.

As an adult, you may need to take a different approach to help promote your education. Banks are an alternative since average lending amount is greater than government loan. However, this will work best for those who have a reasonably good credit record.

Some employers provide financial guidance for continuing education programs given that they can demonstrate that the training will be an asset towards the company. Even with poor credit history, getting money for your education isn’t impossible. Take time to conduct the right assessment of your financial situation when you make a commitment.

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